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Tuba Profiles provides an easy way for professional tuba players and teachers to promote themselves online. We also make it easy for people requiring their services to find them using our international search engine.
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Stevie J Ford
(Melbourne, Australia)
Stevie J Ford CAREER OBJECTIVE To educate young instrumental musicians in the art of performance & ent...
John Rutledge
(Houston, United States)
John Rutledge I'm currently a Junior at University of Houston majoring in tuba performance. I love all k...
Dave Seip
(Dallas, United States)
Dave Seip I'm a tuba player living and working in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. By day I am a mi...
Devon Taylor
(OC/ LA, United States)
Devon Taylor Devon Taylors Teachers include Jim Self (USC) Tony Mazzaferro(Fullerton) and John Van Hout...
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Professional Membership at Tuba Profiles

Membership at TubaProfiles.com is completely free, but you can greatly increase interest in your services by purchasing a Professional Membership.

Professional membership puts you right to the top of our search results, making it much easier for people to find you. Also professional members can create photo galleries, video galleries, biographies and more. It is like having your own website but even better.

Here are our current pricing details for Professional Membership:

UK:  £19.95 

USA: $29.95 

Canada: $29.95 

Australia: $29.95 

Europe: €23.95 

New Zealand: $37.95

Singapore: $39.50 

Other currencies are available, please go to our payment page to view all currency pricing details.

So don't delay! If you are not a member already it is easy to join by clicking here.

admin on July 18 2013 12:29:52 Post Comment · 0 Comments · 2277 Reads
Tuba Profiles at A Glance: A Superb Avenue for International Tuba Players
Every great musician has to have his own stage, a haunt that he can call his own. No matter how exceptionally well he plays his instrument or performs his musical craft, it will amount to nothing if people can not see the performance.

It is interesting and undoubtedly important to note that there is an obvious lack of means by which musicians can perform their music or by which interested individuals can reach the services of such talented artists. In this present world where the Internet plays a huge part in the lives of millions, even billions of people, it is inevitable that musicians like tuba players, brass players, and the like will have to tap this great resource to showcase people how well they play their music instrument like brass instruments, or to offer their services to people.

It is in this light that we in TubaProfiles.com operate. This website serves as an avenue for professional tuba teachers and tuba players to market their craft through the World Wide Web. People who wish to avail of the services of such musicians will surely find TubaProfiles.com useful since they can access the latter’s whereabouts. With a just undertaken revision of the site, tuba players, tuba teachers, and interested people can now enjoy the following benefits:

Tuba Player Search Facility – We in TubaProfiles.com took this one very seriously, making sure that users will experience using an enhanced search facility that will allow them to easily locate and contact professional tuba players and tuba teachers from a host of countries which include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States.

We have also added options for filtering search results. This particular feature ensures that users of the site will have custom search results within minutes!

New Graphical Design – Adding to the features of the site is a vastly reworked and improved design. Acknowledging the fact that form and function must come together, we in TubaProfiles.com have exerted quite an effort polishing and improving the overall appearance of the site. We hope you find the new design appealing the same way we did! Uploads - We also did some changes on the audio/video upload facility. We made sure that the results will be clearer and more reliable than the previous ones when we were still playing on the idea of running a hugely functional and user-friendly audio/video upload facility. For starters, we have raised the maximum upload size to 32 MB. This way, you can actually host 4 minute video tracks (or hour-long audio tracks) on your profile! And so, the list has been divulged and explained to you in the best possible way we can. The challenged now is for you to take full advantage of TubaProfiles.com’s new features. So we say, welcome to the all-newTubaProfiles.com!

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TubaProfiles.com - Complete Relaunch!

Tuba Profiles - a brand new website for Tuba Players.

We have just finished work on a complete revision of TubaProfiles.com. We have been working hard to create a site which we feel will be an invaluable resource to tuba players around the world. Here are just a few of the new features at TubaProfiles.com:

  • Tuba Player Search Facility - We have created an enhanced search facility which allows you to easily locate tuba players and tuba teachers near to you. We have added lots of options for filtering the results. Since we are a new site, you probably will not need all these filters yet. As we grow, however, their usefulness should become apparent.

  • New Graphical Design - We've spent a lot of time trying to get the appearance of TubaProfiles.com just right. We hope you like our new design!

  • Uploads - We have made the audio / video upload facility clearer and more reliable. We have increased the maximum upload size (for all files) to 32MB, meaning that you can even host 4 minute video tracks (or hour-long audio tracks) on your profile.

We hope that you find TubaProfiles.com useful, and would of course appreciate your feedback concerning the website. If you feel that there are any features you would like or things that could be improved, please do not hesitate to let us know. Your feedback helps us to improve TubaProfiles.com.

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